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Dual-function UV Hybrid flow germicidal lamp

Dual-function UV Hybrid flow germicidal lamp for disinfecting air and surfaces.



<p> The dual-function UV Hybrid flow germicidal lamp can be used both for disinfecting air and surfaces. An external light source can directly disinfect a room (without people in the room). Additionally, internal light sources can function and disinfect rooms when staff, employees or customers are there. The lamp is equipped with three 3x 30W light sources. </p>
<p> Area: up to 25 m2 <br /> Power: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz <br /> Weight: approx. 9 kg <br /> Fan capacity: 125 m3 / h <br /> Recommended working time: indirectly 24h/ &gt;15 min directly <br /> Source replacement: 1 year <br /> Protective film on the source: on request <br / > Air filter replacement: depending on the application (recommended 2x a year) <br /> Source: 3x 30W Philips heat sink (253.7nm) <br /> Mounting: wall, ceiling or tripod <br /> Disinfection time:&gt; 15 min <br /> Application: disinfection of air and surfaces and prevention of secondary infections. Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. </p>


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