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Lamps for disinfection with UV-C radiation

Lamps from the UV Direct series effectively kill indoor microorganisms. Direct irradiation ensures rapid destruction of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and yeast on all surfaces and in the air. Their strong influence is harmful to humans and animals – they can only be used in their absence. Shipping within 24 hours of ordering.

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The flow lamps from the UV Indirect series effectively disinfect the air. They are adapted to continuous operation, and efficient fans and strong UV sources enable protection of the rooms 24 hours a day. The closed structure allows you to stay in the cleaned rooms without endangering your health.

Our UV Indirect Tube lamp has been specially designed for modern rooms.

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A special combination of indirect air disinfection and direct irradiation is the UV HYBRID model. The use of two independent circuits enables continuous 24-hour air disinfection and direct disinfection of surfaces on request. Choose a hybrid for maximum flexibility and protection.

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We have prepared special DIRECT and INDIRECT 600 models for offices and other rooms with suspended (cassette) ceilings.

Easy assembly allows for a quick start of disinfection.

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UV DIRECT 600X600 4X20W lamp


All lamps can be mounted on a mobile stand. This design allows for precise location of the lamps near the endangered surfaces or moving them between rooms.

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Mobile stand for UV-C lamps
For direct exposure lamps from the UV DIRECT and UV HYBRID series, we recommend sockets with remote control via a remote control or in the smart version, connecting via Wi-Fi
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Network socket remotely controlled by LTC remote control

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