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UV Direct MAX 2x55W lamp for disinfection

Professional ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting air and surfaces. Complete with light sources.



Area: up to 38m2
Power in the UVC band: min 40W
Source replacement: 1 per year
Installation: wall, ceiling, stand
Complete with Philips source (254nm UVC)
Purpose: surface air disinfection, prevention of secondary infections
Kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold.
Application: production halls, hospitals, medical facilities, pharmacies, public transport and many others

Please be advised that the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products has changed its earlier interpretation of the statutory definition of a medical device in relation to bactericidal lamps. As a result of this change, an administrative decision was issued stating that germicidal lamps are not medical devices. In its decision, the Office does not question the effectiveness and need to use germicidal lamps in the healthcare sector, but changes the formal approach to these products and their producers.


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Exolight - dystrybutor źródeł światła oraz producent lamp UV-C do dezynfekcji.

Exolight - dystrybutor źródeł światła i producent opraw do dezynfekcji UV-C.


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